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My “client”

December 17, 2009

I guess I’ll finish this off with a short description of how I met the person who wanted information about Artemisia, Xerxes, and that historical period. For this project, I posted a topic on the forums on the Jim Butcher fansite. Specifically, I posted it on a forum which was supposed to be for potential writers, since I figured that writers do tend to need to do a lot of research. Meg_evonne was the first one to actually reply and she had a list of topics that she wanted research. I essentially chose the one that seemed the most interesting that would fulfill the requirements for the topic. We did send a few messages back and forth, but the original search criteria did not need to be changed or modified as a result.


One final source

December 17, 2009

I’ve been meaning to post this, but it slipped my mind. I found out that the king in the Old Testament book of Esther was actually Xerxes. Some Bibles have changed the name to reflect the discovery, although most still say King Ahaseurus, which was apparently what he was called by the Jews. His dismissal of Queen Vashti is supposed to have occurred just before he went to war against Greece.